Sirima Natural Herb drink- RANAWARA (Loose type) 60g



Ranawara flower has been widely used from generations in Sri Lanka as a Herbal tea Totally natural Caffeine Free Ranawara Ayurvedic Herbal Tea offers many medicinal benefits.
Ranawara Ayurvedic herbal Tea gives the clear complexion.

Ranawara herb acts as an agent in restoring sexual vitality, increases sperm count, and counter acts ejaculatory disorders.

Ranawara herb is used as a treatment for diabetes Ranawara Ayurvedic herbal Tea is also effective in relieving urinary problems, assists in stomach cleaning and restoration of the skin to its natural glow.
Acts as an agent in easing discomfort in women during menstruation In Africa the herb has been used for treating body aches, eye irritations, diabetes and venereal disease.

  • Ingredients : Ranawara
  • Net Weight : 60g
  • Brand / Product name :Sirima (Sirima International Herbal Products) /Ranawara
  • Made in Sri Lanka.

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Weight 120 g


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