SETHSUWA Pranajeewa oil 100% Natural Herbal Medicine 375ml

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Made with 200 herbs, according to an ancient recipe coming down from generations, adopting a specialised methodology, simmered for four and a half months.

Boosting the body’s natural immunity, ensuring a permanent cure for a wide range of diseases

Registered with the U.S. Food and Drugs Authority; being distributed worldwide as a natural herbal dietary supplement by the U.S.-based Sun Industries.

Clinical and laboratory tests on patients suffering from heart disease requiring by-pass surgery have proved that the surgery was no longer required after Sethsuwa Pranajeewa.

Studies made by several universities have proven that Sethusuwa Pranajeewa consists of anti cancer, antioxidant and cytotoxic properties.

Laboratory tests conducted in U.S.A. and Sri Lanka have confirmed that Sethusuwa Pranajeewa does not contain any toxic and harmful chemicals, heavy materials, alcohol, sugar, harmful micro, organisms artificial colours and flavours.

Sethsuwa Pranajeewa can be used externally for cuts, bruises, burns and pain, giving instant relief.

It has been widely experienced that Pranajeewa will stop premature greying and falling of hair.

Laboratory tests have confirmed that prolonged use has not caused any side effects.

  • Ingredients :Sethsuwa Pranajeewa is a secret formula and the includes following herbs:

Sesame oil, Castor seed oil, Margosa seed oil, Mee tree oil, Bael tree root, Lebbektree bark, Indian birthwort (whole), Pabaru root, East indian satinwood(bark), Himalayan Fir(bark), Fishberry(whole), Edible Neem(bark), Pracatory(root), Spanish Pellitory(root), Agarwood(trunk), Aswenna(whole), Siamese Ginger(trunk), Atis potato(root), Indian Abutilon(whole), Distillers Acacia(bark), Lakewood(bark), Garlic(whole), Calamus(trunk), Saga seed(root), Spiny amaranth(whole), Sathkuppa root potato, Aloe vera juice, (Danti) Baliospermum root potato, Mountain Ebony (bark), Anuptto (root), Barleria (root), Mustard seed, Winter melon juice, Indian Barberry (trunk), Bitter orange juice, Cumin seed, Ceylon calumba (trunk), Indian shot (trunk), Croton root oil, Senna leaves, Corriander (seeds), Guggul (whole), Phillipine Lime root, Velvet leal (whole), Wild Gourd (whole), Colocynth-Bitter apple (root), vine of Sodom (whole), Tolabo (bark), Indian Laburnam (bark), Iriveriya (whole), Country Borage (whole), Turmeric (trunk), Coriander/Cilantro leaf, (seed), Ceylon cinnamon (root), cyperus root potato, Horse Gram plant (seed), Horn-of-plenty root, Vidanga (seed), Wild Cardamom (seed), Indian Coral tree root potato, Perumkayam juice, Banyan tree bark, cluster sig (bark), Asiatic Beechberry (bark), Ghee, Malabar Tamarind pulp, ‘Chinese’ potato(Ala beheth) root potato, Makybush beech (bark), Na-piritta root, Ambretta plant, itemidesmus indicus (root), Katu, Ikiriya (root), Baleria (root), Goats’ Foot Creeper (root), Malabar Nut tree (root), Jungleflame Ixora/Sacred Ixora(root), Koem Ptena Galangal (trunk), Akapana leaves, Woodapple (root), Thunpath cinamon (root), Walapathpadagam (whole), Black musale (whole), Cobras’safron (bark), Sesitive plant/Sleeping grass (whole), Nutmeg/Mace Fruit, Ironwood Flower (part), Cow hage pant (seed), Indian Butter Tree (Flowers), Ground Margosa (whole), Box Myrtle root potato, Weeping Night Jasmine (root), Jatamansi (Spikenard scrapings’oil), Lotus seed, Heenbovitiya (leaves), Sacred Basil (whole), mongoose plant (root), Indian Trumpet flower (root), Turpeth (root), Pomegranate (peel), Screwpine (root), Betel root potato, Pavatta (root), Aurnedcnane birbat (whole), Bastard tree (root), Scarlet -fruited gourd, Black pepper (seeds), Gan -kollan Kola (leaves), Emblic Myrobalan (fruits), Long pepper fruit (bean), Firebrand Teak/ Deccan (root), Indian Beech (bark), Skunkvine (whole), Hellebore (root), Ceylon Leadwort (root), Indian Madder (trunk), Castor oil plant (root), Indian snake (root), Messenger of spring (root), Kuth/Costus (fruit), Gajathippili fruit (bean), Sandalwod (trunk), Kothalahimbutu (trunk), Sesamum Orientale oil, Marking nut tree (root), Wild eggplant (root), Ashoka (bark), East Indian Globe, Thistle (whole), Wild Snakegourd (whole), Potia tree/Tulip tree (bark), Heart-leaved Moo seed (root), Manna of bamboo pulp, Fenugreek (seed), Ajowan (seeds), Myrabalans (Gall-nut or inknut), fruits, Chinese Chaste tree/ Five leaved Chaste tree (root), Anguna root potato, Aswagandha root potato, Winter root potato, Ginger (trunk), Eraminiya (root).

  • Net Weight : 375ml
  • Brand / Product name : SETHSUWA Ayurveda Hospital (pvt) Ltd./ Pranajeewa oil 100% Natural Herbal Medicine
  • Made in Sri Lanka.

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