Mlesna President’s Brew Tea (Flowery Fannings / Loose Leaf Tea / Bitter with Milk)100g

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A stylishly made, tiny leaf which glows with ‘bloom’ and a profusion of small, very bright Golden Tips which puts this grade ahead of the crowd and gives it the credentials of being ‘Extra Special’.

A five minute steeping produces a full-bodied tea which could easily substitute the better coffees in terms of sheer strength.
The strong cup bursting with flavour and aroma makes this tea revel in a generous dollop of full cream milk, making this a perfect base for a wonderful Chai.

Bitter with Milk.

  • Ingredients : Black Tea.
  • Net Weight : 100g
  • Brand / Product name : Mlesna (Ceylon) Ltd. / President’s Brew Tea Flowery Fannings TEA
  • Made in Sri Lanka

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Weight 150 g


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