McCurrie FENNEL SEED 100g

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Fennel leaves are used in some parts of India as leafy green vegetables either by themselves or mixed with other vegetables, cooked to be served and consumed as part of a meal. In Syria and Lebanon, the young leaves are used to make a special kind of egg omelette (along with onions and flour) called ijjeh.

Many egg, fish, and other dishes employ fresh or dried fennel leaves. Florence fennel is a key ingredient in some Italian and German salads, often tossed with chicory and avocado, or it can be braised and served as a warm side dish.

It may be blanched or marinated, or cooked in risotto.

  • Ingredients : FENNEL SEED
  • Net Weight : 100g
  • Brand / Product name : McCurrie / FENNEL SEED
  • Packed in Sri Lanka.

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Weight 150 g


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