Jeevi Tea -Karapincha Garlic Tea (Curry Leaf & Garlic) 10 tea bags



Curry leaves contain volatile essential oils, fatty oils, proteins, sugar, starch,cellulose and the minerals potassium and phosphor.

The oil of the curry leaves contains alpha- and beta-pinene and well as caryophyllene, which are also found in cloves and cinnamon.

The more mature the leaves are,the lower their oil content.Ayurvedic teachings believe that curry leaves strengthen Agni and balance Pitta and Vata.

Curry leaves‘ properties are: aromatic, cooling, astringent,digestive, gas-dissolving, blood-purifying and anti-inflammatory.

Internal Application

Curry-leaves stimulate the blood circulation and metabolism.

• They strengthen the immune system, act soothing to the throat andimprove the quality of the voice.

• Additionally curry leaves reduce blood sugar level and can therefore be used in the treatment of diabetes.

• They are also beneficial in treatment of underweight, heat-waves, itching and and ulcers.

• Eaten raw, the soft green leaves are a good remedy against diarrhoea

  • Ingredients :Curry leaves, Garlic
  • Net Weight : 20g (2g ×10 tea bags)
  • Brand / Product name :Jeevi Tea (Jeevantha Osu (Pvt) Ltd.)/Karapincha Garlic Tea
  • Made in Sri Lanka.


Additional information

Weight 50 g


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