Jeevi Tea -Dasapanguwa (Ten Mix) 10 tea bags



Mix 10 types of herbs and spices.

The efficacy of each herb and spice supports the beginning and prevention of a cold.

  • Ingredients :Ginger, Coriander, Solunum Surattense Burm, Slanum Xanthocarpum, Schrd,Pathpadagam(Hedyotis Corymbosa Lamk), Welmee, Black pepper, Veniwelgeta, Colerber, Pawatta/ Adhatoda Vasica, Nutmeg, Sirithekku.
  • Net Weight : 20g (2g ×10 tea bags)
  • Brand / Product name :Jeevi Tea (Jeevantha Osu (Pvt) Ltd.)/Dasapanguwa
  • Made in Sri Lanka.


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Weight 50 g


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