Fadna Diabe Tea (Green Tea & Bitter Gourd Tea) 20teabags



Diabe Tea Classic

Enjoy the sweetness of tea without harming your blood sugar levels.

Fadna Diabe Tea Classic is formulated to enjoy the sweet taste without sugar for diabetic patients for maximum satisfaction of a normal tea drink’s taste. Fadna Diabe Tea Classic is a successful result of the combination of black tea with natural herbs. It is an ancient formula used in the indigenous medicine by our forefathers for many thousands of years using natural ingredients to control sugar disorders, Also it can be taken with milk. Major ingredients of this formula are Terminalia chebula (Aralu), Terminalia belerica (Bulu), Phyllanthus emblica (Nelli), Scoparia dulcis (WalKoththamalli), Camellia sinensis (Black Tea).

Modern scientific analysis reveals powerful antioxidant activity of Thripala1 (Aralu, Bulu, Nelli) with reducing speedy glucose released to blood stream (Antiglycation Activity) of Scopariadulcis will be able to control blood sugar levels effectively 2. While taking Fadna Diabe Tea sugar levels should be monitored. The delicious Fadna Diabe Tea Classic has no side effects and can be used for long periods leading to a happy and a healthy life.

Key Benefits

  • Extremely beneficial in lowering sugar levels in blood, hence the Results would be normal after a period of 10 days

Other Benefits

  • Reduces polyuria and thirst related to high blood sugar levels

History of the Product

Thripala is an established medication for sugar disorders recorded in ancient sanhitha texts. Walkoththamalli is also been used for diabetics in traditional Sri Lankan medicine for a long time.

How Product Works?

Powerful antioxidant activity of thripala and antiglycation activity of walkoththamalli controls the high blood sugar levels effectively.

  • Ingredients : Green Tea, Bitter Gourd.
  • Net Weight : 40g (20bags×2g)
  • Brand / Product name : Fadna (Food and Nature (Pvt) Ltd.) / Diabe Tea (Bitter Gourd Tea)
  • Made in Sri Lanka

©Food and Nature (Pvt) Ltd.


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Weight 120 g


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