Fadna – CINNAMON TEA 10 teabags



Cinnamon Tea (camellia sinensis + cinnamomum zeylanicum)
Spicy delight with an aromatic twist.

The best Tea in the world is Ceylon tea, Likewise the best Cinnamon in the world is Ceylon Cinnamon. Fadna Cinnamon Tea is the wonderful combination of these two. With this tantalizing blend we give Sri Lankans the newest Tea taste sensation. This product is an amazing, natural product of Fadna Brand, which always tries to offer natural goodness than the usual tea.

Cinnamon is nature’s endowment, full of natural goodness. Because of the flavor and the taste unique to the cinnamon plant, Fadna Ceylon Cinnamon Tea gives you a sensational and tantalizing feeling with the mix of Tea and Cinnamon.

Because of the special ability and the power of cinnamon in controlling cholesterol and blood sugar, it is widely used as a major healing medicine in indigenous as well as Ayurvedic medicine. Due to these curative characteristics, Fadna Ceylon Cinnamon Tea helps you to lead a healthy life free of sickness.

The production of Fadna Tea is carried out in an ultra modern and sophisticated environment focusing on best quality and in maximum hygienic conditions.

Key Benefits

  1. Regular use controls high blood sugar levels
  2. Reduces serum cholesterol1 and blood clot formations with protective cover for cardiac (heart) problems
  3. Increases the appetite, promotes digestion and absorption of food
  4. Relieves from bad breath and protects mouth from dental caries

Other Benefits

  1. Generates body heat
  2. Alleviate from winter ailment

History of the Product
Cinnamon was originally endemic to Sri Lanka and it has long been used in traditional medicines such as ayurveda, Arab, Greek and Chinese medical systems.

How the Product Works?
Pungent, bitter and sweet taste and heat potency power increases the appetite and promotes digestion and absorption of food.

Modern research indicates that cinnamon helps to reduce the cholesterol and high blood sugar levels.

Post digestive effect of ‘katuka’ vipaka reduces the blood cholesterol and high blood sugar.

  • Ingredients : Camellia sinensis, Cinnamon
  • Net Weight : 20g (10bags×2g)
  • Brand / Product name : Fadna (Food and Nature (Pvt) Ltd.) / CINNAMON TEA
  • Made in Sri Lanka

©Food and Nature (Pvt) Ltd.

Additional information

Weight 120 g


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