BASILUR TEA – Dimbula 20 tea bags

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Dimbula was one of the first areas in Ceylon to be planted with tea after coffee in the 1870’s.

The plantations, most of them around 5000-6000 feet up in the hills, produce a typical High Grown tea, which is of the finest character and rich in colour.

A place of pilgrimage is Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada, a landmark of this area, sacred to many religions.

Basilur tea bags are staple-free double chamber tea bags, produced using the latest machinery.

Each tea bag is individually foil wrapped to retain freshness, with 2g per bag.

  • Ingredients : Ceylon Black tea.
  • Net Weight : 2G×20 tea bags
  • Brand / Product name : Basilur Tea Export(PVT)LTD. / Dimbula
  • Made in Sri Lanka

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Weight 110 g


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