Baraka Karawilla Plus (Balsam pear & Black cumin seed Supplement) 60capsules

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Karawila (Momordica charantia) is also known as Bitter Gourd / Bitter Melon.

It is a fruit popular in tropical countries.

It has high medicinal value and used in Ayurveda medical system for many ailments.

It is believed to stimulate the pancreas to increase the secretion of Insulin.

Hence Karawila is recommended for daily use for many diabetic patients.

Black Seed is yet another herb which is used for the control of Blood Sugar in addition to its property of increasing the body’s immunity and resist diseases.

These two are combined to give you the right combination to control your Blood sugar level & as a daily Nutrient requirement of the body.

It is recommended as a supplement
Control of Blood Glucose

Active Ingredient :
Each 250 mg capsule contains Karawila & Black Seed.

  • Brand / Product name : Baraka (BIO EXTRACTSEEVT)LTD.) / Karawila Plus
  • Made in Sri Lanka.

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