Anchor Full Cream Milk Powder 400g

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Full Cream Milk Powder 400g by Anchor, a maker of dairy products.

It is really good with tea or coffee!
It is easily dissolved in cold drinks.

You can make 3.5 liter of milk with one bag of this item.

*This item is not infant milk powder.
*Preservation Method: Keep it in a container that has a lid or a capped bottle in order not to contact it with air after opening aluminium package. Avoid sunlight and keep it at a cool dark place, use it up soon.
If it contacts with air and becomes old , dissolving the milk powder becomes difficult.

  • Ingredients : MILK 100%
  • Net Weight : 400g
  • Brand / Product name : Anchor(FONTERRA LIMITED) / Full Cream Milk Powder
  • Made in New Zealand.

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